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Devin's Story: Awake Craniotomy by Dr. Chohan gives local student his life back.

The UNM Department of Neurological Surgery is a full-service team that provides superlative care and training in all aspects of neurosurgery.

Due to UNM Hospital’s longstanding status as New Mexico’s only Level I trauma center, we play a crucial role in providing cutting-edge neurosurgical and multidisciplinary trauma team care for patients with emergent conditions.

We also have outstanding expertise in all other aspects of modern neurosurgery. We are the major providers of care for the full spectrum of cerebrovascular disorders, ranging from aneurysm to intracerebral hemorrhage. Movement disorders are treated with deep brain stimulation, while a number of technologies provide focused radiation therapy, thereby often canceling the need for more traditional invasive surgery.

The youngest patients are cared for in our Pediatric Intensive Care Unit by a team of surgeons who provide advanced treatment for children born with deformities of the brain and or spine.  Children with hydrocephalus and tumors are also expertly cared for.

A major focus of our program is to train the best surgeons for the next generation. Our residents meet with our faculty members each morning, providing a unique learning opportunity.

As an academic institution we aim not only to provide the best care and education to the surgeons of tomorrow but also to develop new and better treatments for complex and previously incurable problems of the brain and spine. The breakthrough provided through the use of catheters inserted in the groin and then passed into the brain arteries is helping to save lives in far “simpler” ways than was ever possible with direct cranial surgery.


Neurosurgery faculty and residents engage in state-of-the art basic and translational research aimed at improving patient care.  The department participates in both clinical studies and laboratory research in several specialty areas.

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Our program offers a dynamic, rigorous and fulfilling training experience. Our ACGME accredited program emphasizes both clinical and research skills and/or specialty concentration with an emphasis in critical care, spine, cerebrovascular and oncology.

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We cover two hospitals, UNM Hospitals and UNM Sandoval Regional Medical Center. We are also the main referral center for patients living in New Mexico, west Texas, southern Colorado and eastern Arizona.

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Among the many health concerns of our ever growing elderly population, the fear of dementia and loosing independence are probably at the top of the list. While many causes of difficulty with gait, cognition and even incontinence exist only one is ...

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