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Spine Health

The UNMH team of surgeons and physiatrists have a broad clinical and experimental experience with spine surgery, whether due to degenerative, traumatic or oncological problems of the spine. All traditional approaches to the treatment of spine disorders are available, but members of our team constantly look for new ways to improve long-term outcomes. The first emphasis is on the use of rehabilitation medicine. Our team of physiatrists are expert in all aspects of reparative medicine, which is always our preference. When interventions are needed, pain disorders can be treated by spinal cord stimulators that serve as neuromodulators of pain pathway. When spine surgery is indicated, the first goal is to maintain function, so we are pursuing new approaches to disc replacement rather than fusion when possible.  

  • Spinal Health and Rehabilitation (Pain Management) – spinal cord stimulation.  Cervical and lumbar rhizotomy, epidural, facet and myofascial block.
  • Cervical and Lumbar Decompression for Stenosis – Degenerative spine. Traditional and minimally invasive spine decompression
  • Malignancy – Primary and metastatic spine tumor. Decompression, stabilization and radiosurgery.
  • Disc herniation with or without Spondylolisthesis – Cervical or lumbar discectomy and spine fusion procedures.  Cervical and Lumbar disc replacement.